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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

back in the swing of things?

i met with ken today for the first time in a long time. well, i guess "met" is a funny word to use seeing as how he and i end up spending at least a little time with each other every day. he and i haven't met to discuss any of the "internship" stuff in awhile, so it was nice getting to actually sit and chat about something other than food, drink orders, or how i could totally beat him in hold 'em....just kidding.


we did talk about everything else though, and it felt good to just sit again. life gets so busy sometimes, and it's been hard keeping up with it all lately. when i started out here in tomball again for this internship it was only supposed to be a couple of days...and then it became a job...and now i'm there everyday! how quickly i jumped right in!!!

i'm glad that i have other people around that seem to resonate with my belief system. it has been difficult these past few years not really knowing where i belonged, but now i home. i came out of my "religious closet" and found that maybe the way i feel is okay! ha! seriously, it's good knowing that no matter how many questions i ask (which are plenty apparently!) it's okay, and i will still beloved no matter how silly or scary my questions get. the best part of it all is that i'm daily becoming more and more encouraged to explore and express myself. i'm gaining a confidence that i didn't have before and it's mostly due to the support i'm being given by ken and everyone else out at wellspring. it's beautiful...

...most of the time at least. it still gets hard on occasion. i'm still learning what God has in store for me, and sometimes that's a hard thing to grasp by itself. i've been challenged lately to really figure out what it means to "hear" from God and how i communicate with Him. that and other questions have kind of thrown me for a loop, but i'm still along for the ride.

tonight is my first discussion group up at main street...well, kind of. tonight is just the meet and greet since it's aaron (the 2nd service's pastor) but it should be fun nonetheless! i'll update later!


Blogger Lindsay said...

my darling juli!
i hope tuesday night went well..i planned on going...but got distracted...that switch is not quite off...complication..too much. some kind of talk is necessary..

6:39 PM  

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