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Thursday, September 18, 2008

day 68

there are some days while i'm traveling when i realize just how much i miss another human's touch. 
it's especially noticeable whenever i've got little kids around.
little kids break the barrier.
they aren't afraid to hug, or cuddle, or climb all over you.
i have been away from my family for 68 days now.
most of those 68 days i have gone completely without the touch of another person, and those add up.
handshakes are more normal,
and hugs are rare.
it makes me really not take for granted the times my family hugged and held a little bit longer than normal,
or when i had someone hold my hand or even a playful punch in the shoulder.
it makes me sad...
and lonely.
but it also shows me what kind of person i want to be,
and that gives me hope.
i want to be someone who doesn't hesitate to reach out and break the space barrier with those around me.
i want to be someone who never takes for granted those special moments when i'm lucky enough to have someone else reach out and physically connect with me.
i want to be different, 
and somehow, 
i think i will be.


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