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Monday, August 25, 2008

the festival

so tonight was the last night of the greenbelt festival, and i literally feel like my brain is going to explode.
i have WAY too much thinking and feeling going on but it has been amazing.
i've gotten to walk in the shadows of people like shannon hopkins and andrew jones, and in the process i've met amazing people that are really in the middle of this whole 'emerging-missional church' conversation.
i've had to pinch myself. it's kind of an out of body experience and i'm kind of jealous of myself.
i met brian mclaren (people over here in the UK don't really think he's all that great, but i almost fell over myself)
and pete rollins (who literally changed my life every time he opened his mouth) invited me to come and visit his community in northern ireland.
we walked around in mud and with thousands of people.
i read a blessing over a large group of people and had several folks come up to me throughout the rest of the weekend and tell me how great it was and even bought the book.
i've learned more about why i write blessings and what they mean just by having people mirror back to me who i am.
i've been validated, encouraged and invited more than ever in my life.
i've sung hymns and carols in the organic beer tent with a bunch of christians and wondered why the hell america would never fit with this kind of amazing, intimate community.
i've laughed hard and been totally exhausted.
i've had great conversations with brilliant thinkers and random waitresses that have helped changed my life.
so much of this will have to be processed throughout the next couple months...
i've been invited to stay here until december or the new year.
i think i might just do it.
holy shit. what an amazing weekend.


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