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Monday, September 04, 2006

the finality of it all

i hear ya agassi. it's over...done...finished.
most of us cried right along with him. i caught myself wiping tears away and wishing so bad that he would stop...weeping. nothing makes me more upset than seeing a grown man cry, especially if it touches some experience of my own inside. as i watched him...i began to think of some closure i've got to come to.
summer is over. as of tomorrow i will be back at hbu for yet another quarter. i'm not ready. this summer has been too good to end right now.
not yet.
i'm not ready to stop spending countless hours up at main street with ken...rodney and the rest of the MSC gang.
i'm not ready to move out of my apartment.
i'm not ready to stop having slumber parties.
i'm not ready to lose the attention of my two best friends.
i'm not ready to take greek...i'm actually intimidated.
i'm not ready to be stressed, tired, and responsible again.
it's just not time.
i'm not quite sure why i have such issues with closure. i just have a hard time allowing things to end. it seems so i can't imagine being agassi and having played 25 years only to be beat by some young punk kid (who was very kind...he's a good guy, i'm sure) i dunno...we women, we're emotional. we hold on to mementos much longer than necessary. we remember everything...every thing. we just have trouble letting go.
i'm not ready, but alas it is time to return. it was a good summer...good times w/ good people. good growth and experiences. good books, movies, meals, and memories.


Blogger Pooh said...

I was very close to tears watching Agassi cry. Girls aren't the only ones who get emotional.

4:42 PM  

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