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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'safe space' blessing

while i was in telford, england a few weeks ago i got the chance to create a meditation for the 'safe space' thursday night gathering.
since part of the world is presently celebrating ramadan, i thought it would be neat to take a deeper look into the practice for new insight and experience.
conveniently we ate dinner after dark since the ramadan feasting wouldn't have started until 7:23pm-'when the white thread becomes distinct from the black thread'.
this is the blessing that came from that meditation.

blessings on us as we stand on scorched ground,
surrounded by blazing fire & intense heat-
looking into the darkness...and waiting.
blessings on us as we pursue patience, sacrifice & humility-
purifying ourselves of the past...
and looking onward to the future.
blessing on us as we share a meal with family and with the rest of humanity-
people who are searching, and yearning, and seeking just like those of us here.
blessings on us as we breathe in peace
and as we exhale calm.
let us remember those in need, those hurting, and those who go unnoticed.
let us remember that we have entered into a safe space,
that we are loved,
and perhaps above all-
we are blessed.


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