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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

dessert & discussion

the past couple weeks our little 'posse' watched the movie 'chocolat'.
if you haven't seen it, you should, it's brilliant.
we talked about diversity in groups...
and then on sunday we revisted it.
we discussed the two extremes of being completely sure of oneself, isolated, and alone...
and then the opposite where we allow our pastors or leaders to do the thinking for us.
i think we all pretty much agreed that we'd like to be somewhere in the middle of that continuum.
we examined what it looks like to truly be misisonal,
and wondered who, exactly, has the ability to bring the kingdom.
food for thought...literally.
what would it look like
for you to be responsible
and vulnerable.

what would it feel like
for you to search, and learn, and find
while being connected , intimate, and honest.

what would it sound like
to hear the voice of God through direct connection
and the voice of love through deep community.

what would life be like
to try your hardest
to fail to be challenged
to be encouraged
to be teachable
to teach and
to practice life together along the way.

today you have the ability and the choice
to dream of what life can look like
for you, for your community, and for the world.
the decision is yours, it's mine, and it's ours.
welcome to the journey...
what a relief to know you don't have to travel it alone.
be blessed.


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