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Tuesday, May 13, 2008



deuteronomy 15.

you are blessed when you give-
when you look past your own nose
to see the need of your neighbor.

you are blessed when you love freely & generously-
lending your hands & your hearts
not expecting interest or even return.

you are blessed when you don't look away-
when you stare the world's need in the eye
without looking through or turning.

you are blessed when you feel the tugging in your heart-
the place where God's hopeful expectation resides
when you hear the voices in your head & heart-
not the voices of shame or guilt,
but of God's bidding to act.

because we do not have to wait for the year of jubilee, 
for jubilee is here.
and time for giving & debt relieving is here.
because jubilee is you &
jubilee is me &
jubilee is we.


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