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and a space for her to play in

Monday, January 28, 2008




it is hard enough-

hard enough to keep your head afloat during this holiday season.

hard enough to be with some of the people we're around.

hard enough to be without some of the one's we've lost.

hard enough to manage the crowds-

to get everything off the checklist.

to tie all the bows.

to wrap all the boxes.

hard enough to be kind, and available, and loving, and giving.

hard enough to breathe.

it is hard enough with all this...

but then to be asked more-

to be reconciled.

to be healed.

to listen.

to help.

to get yourself out of it all so you can see the forest for the trees,

or the truth of christmas through the hustle and bustle.

yes, it is hard enough...

but let it be enough.

let us rejoice.

let us hope.

let us be blessed.



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