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Monday, January 28, 2008


acts 5:12-42
 miracles. healings. some believed, some didn't, and some wanted them dead. then there was galmaliel.
and what about us? what do we do when others don't listen, when we disagree or are disregarded ourselves...when we are not as sure as those apostles were.

consider that when things go wrong,
that you can keep trying.
consider that you are not destroyed by someone else's rejection.
consider that your anger, your reactions, and your refusal to be humble or admit fault,
are arising from your fear.
consider that your fear is from a lack of stability-
that they are symptoms of a lack of knowing who you are 
and what you stand for.
consider that you are not your thoughts & you are not your feelings.
consider that you do not know everything.
consider that others are there to help & love you along the way.
consider that in this moment you can begin to choose who you are & what you stand for
-that you need not wait another moment.
consider that you are here. 
here for a reason
-perfected in love...already whole & completed.


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