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Monday, January 28, 2008

extra! extra!

what kind of news is the gospel? 

is it really good news?
and how much do we share, as much as the world wants to hear?
do we be bold...or do we be sensitive?

blessings as you humbly seek to live in the tension of sharing...and of healing.
wanting to reveal just what is making you whole,
desperately seeking to share,
and to be understood.
wanting to help hose that stumble along your path.
running your race to the best of your ability,
but pausing to lend a hand, an ear, or your heart.
blessings as you try to see what the 'good news' could mean...
looking and being aware of those that are needing liberation that our world refuses to give.
blessings as you live a life of love.
listening for the unspoken hurt & brokenness other travel with-
being present to the world around you-
with no hidden agenda & with humility.
blessings are you share, as you help, as you live.


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