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Monday, January 28, 2008


acts 6

the seven are chosen. stephen is seized for his 'blasphemy'...and in the midst of it, looks like an angel.

be blessed...
as you face the reality that not everyone will agree with you,
that the world is full of thinking minds & varying opinions,
& that not all of those will be of the same accord.
be blessed...
as you seek out humility-
knowing that who are you today may not be who you are tomorrow.
be willing to love others as you continue to seek.
be willing to stay engaged, to listen-
not simply waiting to share your opinion-
but listening to truly understand.
be blessed in who you are.
know that there is something out there that began writing a story long ago.
you are part of that story-
in your flaws & wrong thinking...
and in your ability to love those who differ.
you can stand firm in knowing you are in a safe place,
you are wanted,
and you are cherished.


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