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Monday, January 28, 2008


acts 12

peter was put in jail...

his community prayed-
angels busted him out.
it's hard to believe...
and easy to by cynical.

be blessed as you live in the balance between doubt and faith.
having the space to ask your questions,
the space to be honest,
the space to seek truth,
the space to believe,
the space to breathe & to
be blessed as you seek out what it means to pray.
in the times when you feel like you go unheard
or question what could possibly come of your words.
be blessed also in the times when you step into the silence-
in the darkness-
when your loneliness runs so deep 
and you allow your soul to speak to something outside of yourself,
that you might not quite understand.
let us be blessed as we search for answers.
let us be blessed as we yearn for truth.
let us be blessed as we try to release our cynicism 
and as we cling to a hope that in spite of all our efforts,
we need not have it all figured out, 
we need not be in control.
we need only rest...and be blessed.


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