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Sunday, June 22, 2008


so my new friend jonny baker has decided to publish my lil 'ol blessings. 
i'll be one of the new 'unusual suspects' (creative kids under age 25) on his independent label: proost.
i checked back, and in may of 2006 i listed his site under a blog titled 'fun stuff to look at'.  i also added that i 'kind of adore him' (jonny) and i'm pretty sure that when i get to meet him in august i'll really kind of adore him :)

being published is kind of a neat thing.
at first i wasn't really sure what to think.
the blessings that i've put on here and written & read aloud at church were just meant to be...a letter to my family-nothing big or worth taking notice of-but there are people around me that think they're good, and special, and so soon i'll be able to hold them in my own two hands.

i leave in a couple weeks for my european adventure.
i'll go through london, prague, lausanne (switzerland), telford, karlsruhe (germany), and maybe if i'm really lucky, the orkney islands.
at the end of august i'll be at the greenbelt festival where i'll finally get to meet mr. jonny baker, and i'll finally get to see the blessings.
i'll also get the chance to visit old friends and meet new ones...
i'll sleep on couches, floors, and spare beds...
i'll be reading, and watching, and snapping photos...
writing new blessings for the 'traveler'...
and maybe somewhere in there i'll find some more of myself.
because that's what this trip is all about:
continuing to figure out just who this little girl growing is.


Blogger texelct said...

I miss you already. Where ever your road takes you I'll be cheering for you my friend.

8:13 PM  
Blogger KC said...

he's great! you're great! tell all my friends hello and give them hugs and collect wonderful stories and yes, yes, yes, continue to grow!!!! love you!

5:37 AM  
Blogger Mark B said...

Hmmm does that mean I'm no longer your favourite Brit!? ;) Seriously Jonny is a great guy, and it's nice to be publishing buddies with you... you deserve to have those blessings published... looking forward to seeing you in the summer.

2:31 PM  

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