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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'the jab'

this past week up in orkney the jones family have been dealing with quite a bit of drama.
right now orkney is one of the places where the new HPV vaccination is being given across the UK. 
i'm no expert on HPV, but from what i've read it's a sexually transmitted disease...and so that adds a moral dilemma for most people who want to choose abstinence until marriage.
after several conversations, the jones daughters decided to opt out of the vaccination.
the jones' 13 year-old daughter turned in her permission slip signed 'no' but on the day of the vaccine was pulled aside by the doctor who informed her she was the only one that had marked 'no'...
abigail told her that her mother had given her the choice and asked whether there was a chance she could be unable to get pregnant later on.
the doctor told her no and proceeded to go ahead and give her the vaccine.
abigail had not verbally said 'yes' and her permission slip sat in front of them marked 'no'.
abigail also has type-1 diabetes.
when she got home that afternoon the whole family was shocked.
how in the world had the doctor gotten away with it?
abigail has been taught to respect adults, especially doctors due to all of her experience, and was just as confused by what had occurred.
i know in texas that for awhile the vaccine was mandatory, 
but it was later overturned.
in some schools it still is mandatory.
it's hard to know what the truth is about HPV...
but i do know that what happened to my friend abigail is not okay.
if you've got a daughter or are considering getting the vaccine,
i recommend you read andrew jones' blog on the family's experience here.
makes me sad.


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