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Friday, December 19, 2008

day 160

today is my first day back in texas.
this morning i woke up thinking, 'i wish i was home...'
only to realize that i was home!!
my last few days in london were great.
shannon was able to get us on a rooftop terrace of parliament so that we could see big ben up close!
it was one of those lovely rainy, cold english days and a pretty euphoric feeling standing up there.
that's when the 'day of processing' began.
if you know anything about shannon hopkins, you know she makes you think!
afterward we had coffee and then went for lunch to one of my favorite american diners, TDIFridays.
then we went and had a glass of wine at 'Gordons' which is down in some catacombs in the city.
so we went from the top of the city to underneath the city all in one day,
whilst processing all along.
it got my mind thinking...
remembering all that i've come through over these past 5 1/2 months along with what the future could be.
and now i'm home...
home sweet home.
it will be good to rest and to be in my own space for awhile.
it hasn't even really set in that i'm here-i think that will take awhile.
but soon enough everything will start coming back to me and i'm sure i'll develop wanderlust once more.
but for now, i'm back in texas...
who knew i would miss it so much.
maybe now i can start to smell like home again.


Blogger Eventually said...

I am glad your home.

6:04 PM  

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