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Thursday, December 04, 2008


the last couple of weeks have been crazy!
shannon has returned from her 'american tour'-fundraising and more  sweet notions.
as soon as she hit the ground we started to get thanksgiving ready (she throws a party each year and invites over the americans & english).
it was a great time, but an awful lot of work for someone like me who doesn't cook.
i did, however, pull off a corn souffle and two pumpkin pies. 
they were great...ask anyone!
during that time my friend molly from oklahoma came over for a visit so i got to show her some of my new 'stomping ground' around london.
we also took a trip down to the coast and hung out in brighton.
today is my second day hanging out in manchester with the community sanctus1.
last night they had their weekly gathering and we discussed the prophets for their 2nd advent week...
tonight i'm going to help a local vicar serve beer at his church where they're hosting some bands,
today and tomorrow i've been helping out with a group called 'speak' that work in social justice issues,
saturday i'm helping out at a craft fair being held in the cafe that santus1 meets in,
and then that night i'm volunteering from 2am-6am at the cafe (we call cabs and hang out with folks who need it).
then i'm back to london to ride out my last week and a half before returning to the states!
i've loved this trip...
so much more processing to go,
but i am so ready to be home.
so ready for christmas!!!
oh, and did i mention i saw SNOW on my train ride up to manchester? 


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