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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


my friends jonny baker and jon birch over at proost proost (the fellas that published the 'book of blessings' from the wellspring community) have been cooking up a project for advent for a while which is now available... 

inspired by the grace community and their service nine over the last few years, they commissioned nine artists to interpret nine different pieces of the christmas story. 
all the pieces have been created in response to one of the traditional nine readings from the nine lessons and carols christmas service. 
there are 6 movies and 3 tracks. 
the items are not available individually - they wanted to keep this as a set. 
i think it's a great idea for communities interested in doing something different and creative for advent and the christmas season.
the whole compilation is available for NINE pounds...
which is like $13 or something, depending on how the dollar is doing on any given day :)
YOURS TRULY is on the 5th track with the one and only mr. jon birch...
it's a blessing based on mary & the angel that visits her and the verses luke 1: 26–35; 38.
check it out on the proost website!


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