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Sunday, September 24, 2006

halloween weather

i want candy corn so bad i can taste it.
it's cloudy and a bit windy out...and the sun hasn't come out to play all day.
i really want hot chocolate...with marshmallows.
i want to go play in the park with a scarf on
and look at all the colors changing in the trees.
i want a crackling fire.
i want to hold someone's hand and skip through piles of leaves laughing until my sides hurt.
i want my family around me.
i'm still nannying and the youngest, alexander ('zander' by me) and i have been lying on the couch all day. i think he's coming down with something...he's being way more cuddly than usual. the older two just got home and we're trying to decide what costumes we want to wear for halloween. olivia (the 7 year old) just suggested we go trick-or-treating tonight.
i desperately want to, but i don't know that the neighbors would appreciate our whim.
sigh...fall is here.


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