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Sunday, December 24, 2006


i've been 'tagged' by my dear friend mark berry...
which means i have to think of 5 completely amazing and intersting things to tell
all of you about myself.
here is my best attempt:
1. i was an altar girl.
while my family was still a part of the episcopal church i was actually the LEAD altar girl...
those episcopalians sure know how to let women in, that's fo' sho'.
2. i'm a bit of a masochist.
don't get too excited...
i said only a bit.
i have 3 tattoos & have had 2 piercings.
1st tatt-clover on my back.
even though he wasn't irish...i think st. pat was on to something
when he used the clover as representation of the trinity.
2nd tatt-the 3 ring trinity on my foot.
3rd tatt-'hope' on my wrist.
piercings-eyebrow & lip.
3. in high school i was little ms. tomball.
elected student body president,
student council president,
led 2 bible studies (i was super conservative)
and nominated homecoming queen.
i graduated a full year early because i couldn't
stand being everything everyone else wanted me to be.
...i am still trying to figure out who i am...
4. i own an electric violin & still haven't learned to play.
it's pretty much badass...and i, sigh, am pretty much lazy.
(hush rodney, hush)
5. my natural hair color is strawberry blonde.
it was de-virginized in the 8th grade.

i'll tag the napiers, rodney, karen, and johannes!

tee hee! you're it!!!


Blogger Johannes said...

2:30 AM  
Blogger joshpease said...

... intriguing. You did a good job of coming across very interesting, what with the tattoos and Espicopal background, and homecoming queen, and all of that. The great tragedy of course is the unused electric violin. I have just a regular violin, and I used to know how to play it, but now it sounds like a witch being tortured when I play it.

10:53 AM  
Blogger juli said...


josh pease.
welcome sir.

5:10 PM  

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