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Thursday, January 18, 2007


my very baptist university got together with local ecclesia church and flew down shane claiborne, author of 'irresistible revolution'.
to be honest, i was a bit nervous about having him come down.
if you've never read his book then you should...i totally recommend it.
it's challenging, and perhaps that's what made me a bit uneasy,
and i was pleasantly surprised.
he really is just a good 'ol backwoods boy, and i really enjoyed hearing him speak.
it was still really challenging...
rodney and i chatted while waiting in line for some of taft's organic free-trade coffee about what type of venue we could have if, and hopefully when, we are all given the chance to live in community together even more than we are now.
we've decided not to go coffee...i mean, c'mon....everybody does coffee!
i'm thinking definitely alcohol or maybe a thrift store...ha! we'll see what happens.
either way, rodney decided we need to 'paint our own picture' and i like that.
i'm realizing that my community and my journey do not have to look just like shane's, or ecclesia's, or even mother theresa's.
(believe me, i certainly aspire close to some of them)
but i'm okay with being juli in the suburbs and the city and i'm wondering what God has for me here in the time and place...
so it was a good chat with our new acquaintance shane.
and i'm left wondering what to do now.
wondering what my theology and theology classes have to do with serving the people jesus calls us to.
wondering what to do with my hands instead of just with my mouth.
for those of you who know me know this is a constant struggle for me.
and i know many of you are feeling this same way...
left wondering.
and yet, i feel encouraged,
and i wish all of you would too.
we're in this together...that's what community is all about.
last night shane quoted dorothy day, as he does in his book, a few times.
i really dig her, as do some of my professors.
one of my favorite quotes of hers:
'we have all known the long loneliness
and we have learned that the only solution is love
and that love comes with community.'
verily. verily. verily.


Blogger Johannes said...

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3:54 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Thanks to Mark Berry I have discovered you blog which is a God inspired breath of fresh air - God bless & a big thnak you (

7:00 AM  

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