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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


last night i committed one of the seven deadly sins...
it was a great fat tuesday with some of our community.
we headed over to pappasito's...a favorite of our crowd.
today was the first day of lent.
i gave up all forms of audio in my car...
and remarkably...
it was okay.
i drove around a bit, running errands to and fro.
the weather was amazing so i was able to roll down my windows.
i actually listened to what wind sounds like.
i also had a dr. appt to go over some of my tests.
no answers yet, but we're getting there.
i actually waited 45 minutes in a small, white room before the doctor saw me.
it was sterile.
it was quiet.
it was suffocating.
it was only then that i began to notice the silence.
i'm wondering how i'll do at the convent for my 4 days next week...
and how these next 40 days will go.
at church we're going to be doing some really neat stuff.
i don't know about ken, but i'm pretty excited to see how our community responds.
lent is an experience for those that have never gone through it,
and i'm hoping it's received well.
ken has found some great passages...laments...agony...darkness.
we're doing some art stuff on several of the '40 days' referenced in the bible...
noah, moses, jonah & nineveh, etc.
we're using some traditional colors, some self-written litanies, and we're making something fresh. ours.
today was ash wednesday.
i wanted to drop by a catholic church, but my dr. appt didn't allow the time for it.
(i'd have to check with my favorite catholic, ricky, so see if we heathens are allowed-jk!)
and i left the only episcopal church in town about 5 years ago and i wasn't ready to venture back,
so instead...i pulled out my 'ol book of common prayer and did it myself.
there's something different about doing the ashes yourself and not having a priest do it.
i'm still reflecting on it.
either way, today was good.
i got to go to the park and take some pictures...
i hung out with my friend rodney...
and i'm about to finally go sit down to study for my greek final.
this quarter is almost over and it's been my hardest. spring break is almost here...
yep, i'm still breathing.


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