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Monday, February 12, 2007

sheep and goats

from matthew 25 we discussed what it means to 'do even to the least of these'.
ken had a great slide show displaying pictures of people most would consider the 'least'.
it was hard to watch,
but like kevin said...perhaps this is just one of those places jesus is quite explicit.
and perhaps we really are doing this to christ,
and not just for him.
you are blessed.
your inheritance is waiting,
since the dawn of time
when God molded chaos...
even then,
the Kingdom was waiting for you.

you are blessed
because at one point
you too were a stranger.
someone was kind to you
because you were different.
someone listened
when no one else would,
and perhaps even clothed, fed, or cared for you...
a stranger.

you are blessed
as you attempt to open your eyes.
your blindness is gone...
if you choose it.
your heart is softened...
if you want it.
and your hands will begin to help...
if you will only try.

you are blessed
as you choose love over indifference
as you meet eyes with a stranger
as you individually and corporately seek to help
as you are overwhelmed
as you cry out against injustice
and as you are taken into the warmth unseen
as a friend...
no longer a stranger.

be loved.
be welcomed.
be blessed.


Blogger Rodney said...

I wanted to come up with a thoughtful response - with something that really just caught me - something that I would have to tell everyone; If you look at the picture you'll notice a few of the letters are green. Isn't that cool?

6:38 PM  

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