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Saturday, February 10, 2007


'I would only add that the Emergent Church is also in a really bad place right now;
that many spiritual laws are also being violated;
and they would do well to heed the Word of God and repent before their artsy-craftsy plans for the future are unexpectedly altered, like Rev. Lake's.
Clearly, any man or woman who disobeys the physical laws God has established in this earthly domain risks dying a physical death, as evidenced by the tragic event at Baylor.
It should also be noted that those who violate the spiritual laws of God risk death, as well;
and anyone who has researched with any discernment, conviction and knowledge of scripture, the unbiblical teachings and practices of the Emergent Church movement knows all too well that the laws of the Lord and His Word are not only being violated for the sake of the sensual;
but also that the leaders of this new spirituality are teaching others to emulate them and practice many ungodly things in the name of Christ such as new age mysticism, the empty-minded mantras of contemplative prayer, labyrinths, the trivializing and minimizing of God's absolute truths and the casual dismissing of doctrine as divisive, destructive and unnecessary so as not to infringe upon one's own personal experience and opportunities for entertainment, excitement, enlightenment, illumination, stimulation and gratification.'
-Paul Proctor
God Sends Shocking Message to Emerging Church
i suppose when i first posted, i left my comments off because i wanted others to respond in their own way.
i'm not one for starting conflict....well, maybe i am,
but that doesn't change the fact that this quote hit somewhere really deep in me.
ryan's senior seminar on the emerging church looked at this quote.
there are kids in his class right now that have never heard of this 'emerging or Emergent church' and they're having to decide what they believe about it.
more than my hope to control the outcome of those other kids beliefs...
the fact that mr. proctor said that kyle lake died because of something wrong he was doing makes me really upset.
kyle was a friend of a lot of people i knew...
and i watched people in our congregation cry the sunday he was electrocuted in the baptismal while baptizing members of his congregation.
he died in front of his family, friends, and church.
i guess i never really pay attention to what other people are saying about those of us in this whole emerging thing...
because i don't even know what part we fit into,
but every once in awhile i hear something,
and it makes me so angry that i feel i must vent it to someone.
and so i've vented it to you...all of you.


Blogger Johannes said...

Any comments on why you posted this?

5:02 AM  
Blogger Rodney said...

She posted it because it's the TRUTH!!!! All of us emergent church people are just going to DIE, because GOD hates us!

.......................JK! I'm not sure why...maybe it made her made when she read it, so it was sort of venting via blogging.

8:45 AM  
Blogger juli said...

exactly rod. you posted that right before i added my comments.

8:49 AM  

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