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Monday, January 22, 2007


our discussion this week was prompted by many questions on the idea of eternal life.
ken checked it out and found that perhaps we're thinking about 'heaven' or the 'eternal' the wrong way.
perhaps it's not about a quantity of time, but a quality of life.
perhaps eternal life has something more to do with a vitality and character of life that mirrors God.
the focus of our study was on the story of the rich young man that was told to sell everything and follow jesus.
blessings... as you search to enter
a new place
a new realm
a new life.
as you reach,
fingers straining and outstretched
hoping to grasp
a greater understanding.
blessings... as you earnestly try
to live a life of constant reflection
seeking connection-
to things both seen and unseen
tangible and intangible
searching nonetheless.
blessings... as you struggle with
the here and now
and all with all of the tomorrows.
choosing to wrestle rather than resolve
choosing to attempt rather than settle.

you are blessed by something that
demands much more than you can give.
assuring that you cannot do it alone
but promising to be with you always.
blessings as you try
blessings as you wait
and blessings as you hope.


Blogger Eric said...

Hi, again, Juli! Thanks for another great post. I've bookmarked your site as I'm encourage by how your gang works through the calling to Misseo Dei. I also love to translate NT and LXX from Greek to English (I find the NIV woefully inadequate in studying Paul, for example). Anyway, a note related to what you have posted here, I, with N.T. Wright and others, have found it helpful to translate what has traditionally been translated as 'eternal life' a bit more literally: 'the life of the Age', as in: the life of the 'Age to Come.' Analogous to what you, possibly intuitively, noted in your post about 'quality' of life rather than 'heaven', the NT writers seem to have the idea that the Age to Come has already started breaking into 'this present (evil) age' in the events regarding Jesus the Messiah and subsequently in the giving of the Spirit at Pentecost. By my reckoning, then, I consider eternal life to be (1) the resurrection life we now have on the basis of being 'in the Messiah' that is a foretaste of our own resurrection at the renewal of all things, and, therefore, (2) his a call to anticipate in the present world that which will be in the future (e.g., justice, holiness (the conduct appropriate for that Age), prayer (participating w/ the King in his rule over and concern for creation), mercy, proper care/stewardship of the Earth, eucharist, etc.). Sorry so long . . . this is my thing! We have grown a lot in our own understanding of how this all plays out in our community here in Chicago. It will be exciting to see how you guys work it out! Peace.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

juli-- hey girl. thanks for writing.. your blessings -- especially todays are blessing me... like water on a parched soul.

12:30 PM  

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