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Monday, January 29, 2007

pretty things

i am in love with james turrell.
he loves working with light and space...
especially 'enclosing the viewers in order to control their perception of light'.
he's a quaker, and actually helped to design the live oaks friends meeting house that one of my friends from HBU attends.
...that's the picture above of a hole in the ceiling.
he also was commissioned to do a light installation here in one of houston's underground tunnels that connects the caroline wiess law building with the new audrey jones beck building.
...the pics of the hallways.
i haven't been there, but i've heard it's pretty trippy experience.
like him, i'm leery of adding the title 'spiritual' to all senses of art,
but i think some of his work deserves the title.
he's drawing upon our body's weakness at both dawn and dusk,
the times that we are the most vulnerable to the light-
to colors like blue, purple, orange, and red.
we are forced to focus our eyes and our minds on what we're seeing
and in doing so, we become so very calm.
i dig it and recommend him as an artist to check out.


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