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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


'i could hear the church bells ringing
they pealed aloud your praise
the member's faces were smiling
with their hands outstretched to shake
it's true they did not move me
my heart was hard and tired
their perfect fire annoyed me
i could not find you anywhere
could someone please tell me the story
of sinners ransomed from the fall
i still have never seen you,
and somedays i don't love you at all
the devoted were wearing bracelets
to remind them of why they came
some concrete motivation
when the abstract could not do the same
but if all that's left is duty
i'm falling on my sword
at least then i would not serve
an unseen, distant Lord
if this is only a test
i hope that i'm passing
cause i'm losing steam
and i still want to trust you
peace, be still'
-secret of the easy yoke: pedro the lion

my friend rodney shared that song with me right after moving here to texas.
he told me what it meant to him, and it's been with me for quite awhile.
this sunday he and i shared some things and in doing so, shared parts of our story.
we played songs and videos, read books and showed paintings.
we had found creative ways of connecting and in turn expressing ourselves.
i'm learning that God can speak through so many mediums...
including me...
and you.


allow yourself to be blessed
as you step into this safe place
as you seek out your own inner melody
and as it becomes clearer
as you are able to share
more of yourself and more of your story.

allow yourself to be blessed
as you begin to feel and almost see
the rhythms of others
a vibration so strong
that as we come together in true intimacy
and begin to live life together
harmony happens.

allow yourself to be blessed
as each new coat of paint is brushed
as new stories are told
and more of sacred life revealed
the color ever growing brighter,
more alive.

let us dance together.
let us sing together.
let us read together.
let us watch, and learn, and teach together.
let us resonate, and create, and grow together.
let us continue to bless each other. amen.


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