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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day nine and ten

yesterday i began my work in the mercy ships office.
i'm scanning all their old files from the past 10 years so that they can have some copies in the event of a fire or something.
it's terribly boring work, but i'm able to read and play online while i do it so it's fine.
the picture above is of the couple and their band mate that i'm staying with. 
last night one of the other guys that lives here, patrick, took me to the local grocery store and fixed dinner for all of us. he also bought me several things of chocolate and today i tasted the best dark chocolate i have ever had in my entire life! 
ahhh, i love switzerland.
my feet are still healing up and this weekend we should be going into the 'city' (it's still very small) and to the lake that is at the bottom of the mountains.
i'm enjoying the slower pace here in lausanne.
much like the author of 'eat, pray, love', i'm trying to pick a word for each of the places i visit.
so far london is: 
and lausanne is: 
in london people were constantly moving and buzzing around, even more so than what i think i experience in houston. 
(maybe houston would be TRAFFIC, ha).
here in lausanne people really try to have a balance of work and play.
even in politics they try to see both sides and really remain neutral yet involved.
there are so many more examples, but those are the easiest and best i think.
i am loving it here. 
i love the rest and the quiet 
(except for the cowbells and mooing outside in the fields).
i love the people who are so kind and generous.
i love the cool 65 degree weather.
it's just lovely...and i get another eight days of it! hooray!

AND i just had honey straight from a honey comb from the south of france.
yes, i love this place.


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