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Saturday, July 19, 2008

day seven

the days are all starting to run together now...
(and i've only been here a week!)
i forget the date and what day of the week it is.
not to mention that i don't really have a clock other than my computer.
i've still got 'tomball time' as my listed time on the macbook,
but i've got another little clock on here that i change along with where i'm located.
right now it is 2:30am in lausanne, switzerland and it's 7:30pm in tomball...
we are worlds apart.

today shannon took me to get my first real english breakfast.
since i'm not a big meat eater, i had it veggie style:
beans, toast, sausage (kind of), a poached egg, tomato...
not your normal english muffin.
it was different, but i am proud to say i had it.
after that we ventured into greenwich village where i got to stand at the apex of the universe and see just where time came from.
i've asked the people i've met to 'show me the part of your city most tourists don't get to see', 
and that's exactly what we've done.
not only did i go to a real dive this morning for breakfast, but instead of seeing 'big ben', i got to see real time in greenwich.
very cool.
then i spent the rest of the day packing and taking buses, trains, planes all to arrive here in lausanne, switzerland.
i have got to say that this whole traveling thing is stirring me up quite a bit.
i have found out that i am terribly afraid of traveling alone-
i hate it. i go into a mini-panic.
as i finally made it to the last train, i found myself fighting back tears...
tears of missing home, tears wanting to be shed in sheer exhaustion,
but i didn't. 
i refused to cry until i knew i was safe with my new friends.
(and even then the desire to cry had pretty much passed)
i just knew that sometimes you just have to survive.
sometimes you don't get to be a little girl that needs taking care of.
today i was a big girl, and i did big things.
when i arrived in lausanne it was long past dark so i couldn't see anything outside as i traveled on the train, but as i looked out...
i knew that somewhere out there were the alps,
and when i woke up they would be there in the distance to greet me,
and would let me know they're glad i came to visit,
and glad i decided to be a big girl and take this trip.


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