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Friday, July 18, 2008

day six

i've had trouble sleeping the last couple of nights.
mostly because we keep the windows open to let the cool breeze in, 
but london seems to never sleep, 
and so i'm awoken by the sound of honking cars and racing motorbikes.
today shannon and i ventured into the city to do some more work on sweet notions-
we're designing a work book for young girls and women.
she's a slave driver, that shannon hopkins.
we also went and saw the tate museum which is full of great modern art.
then we walked across the millennium bridge over to st. paul's cathedral.
we went to evensong and i found myself following perfectly along with the service-
(yay for being raised episcopalian)
shannon made a really good point as we strolled from the tate to st. pauls'...
the tate is free and accepts donations,
and yet st. paul's costs $16 to visit.
it was still a beautiful church and i'm thankful to have traversed the new to the old.
in addition, it was a drizzly day and i kept thinking, 
'yes, this is the london i've heard of'.
tomorrow night is when i jump on another plane and head to lausanne, switzerland.
i'm excited to wake up to the mountains.
i've loved london, but perhaps it's time to meet some new faces and hear some new stories.
and share a little more of myself.


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