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Monday, March 05, 2007

back to blessing

so i'm not only back from my few days in silence,
but i'm also back to jotting some blessings for wellspring.
our passage this week was pretty profound
and i found it quite helpful in my meditations.
check out lamentations 3:17-30 for a full read.
so glad to be back everyone.

i encourage you
in times when you forget what it is to smile
when your heart is so heavy it hurts
and it feels as though no one understands

i encourage you in your 'lostness'
in your dark nights
as you descend the depths of silence
and as you brush the bottom of your soul

as your voice grows hoarse
as your confidence weakens
as you question-as you doubt
as you wonder who is friend
and who is foe

i encourage you
to passionately wait
to diligently seek
to quietly hope
to grit your teeth
to clench your fist
and to continue on.

for God has not forgotten you
you have not been abandoned
God will renew you each morning
and will deliver each promise.

feel yourself held.
and above all else,


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