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Monday, March 12, 2007

sea of humanity

this sunday wellspring ventured into the city for the 2007 AIDS walk...
our week was focused on the forty years the israelites spent in exile...
and as i've been sorting through it all, i found a blessing to be completely necessary.
we were blessed.
we rose early,
we rubbed our eyes,
we tied our shoes,
and we began the journey.

we supported our friend,
we remembered some we knew...
and some we didn't.
we met strangers,
we shared stories,
and together, we journeyed.

we acknowledged some ignored,
we embraced our community,
we spoke through our steps,
we did our part,
and we're hoping to have made a difference...
through our journey.

and we did it because, in the end,
we were just like them:
we have known rejection and misunderstanding...
we have felt the sting of close-mindedness...
we have been pushed to the perimeter...
we have been ignored and ridiculed...
yes, we face times of exile,
just like them.

our shoes did not wear out,
our clothes did not grow thin,
we did not wander for forty years,
and yet i'm convinced we tasted manna from heaven.
for those there...
in both stride and thought...
you are blessed.


Blogger KC said...

What a day ... truly a celebration of community ... i felt like all my "communities" came together under a beautifully sunny sky. Thanks for the blessing then and on these pages.

9:40 AM  

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