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Thursday, May 17, 2007

mother's day

not only has this week been my finals week in school
(which is part of my tardiness with the blessing)
but this has also been a really hard blessing to post.
last week was mother's day...
and since i write the blessings during our gathering,
i found myself at a difficult place.
i started three blessings...
and eventually i finished one,
but not without a couple tears.
i didn't know how to bless a day that didn't feel like such a blessing.
i think i finally found a place...amidst all the hustle and bustle of our gathering and all of the feelings that were filling the room during our dialogue...where i could center and hopefully write something others can relate to.
above is a picture of my mother and i...i felt it appropriate.
mother's day was a good day this year,
i hope it was for you all too.


today is a day for hope.
a day to celebrate, to grieve, to remember, and to be thankful.

a day to celebrate the mystery of creation
to grieve what was and what should have been
to remember those who have helped mold you into who you are
and a day to be thankful for the patience and kindness you have been given.

today is a day to be still.
to take the opportunity to seek out feelings or loss, of joy, of anger, and of love.
the opportunity to acknowledge your past and those who touched it
the opportunity to gaze upon your future,
and the change for you to touch and inspire.

today is a day of grace.
grace for those who hurt you,
who lived out their own pain in your life
for those you struggle to love...and to forgive.
grace for you who will too inflict pain upon,
and those you will request grace from.
share yourself today.
bless someone today.
feel yourself loved and cherished...
for today is a day of creation.


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