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Monday, July 28, 2008

13, 14, 15

this weekend was incredible.
friday we started off with a barbecue...
i even tried ostrich meat!
we watched the sun go down over the cornfields and it was lovely.
on saturday, sam, (the great french women of this house), took me into lausanne and we did some sight-seeing. 
i saw cathedrals, ate food from the market and did some window shopping. 
(sam has great style)
later than afternoon i watched a great, windy storm roll in over the alps and it was beautiful and electric.
that night a group of us went to a little spanish restaurant (they only have a couple other mexican places, but it seems this is the only spanish one)
which is owned by friends of sam & bryce's so we got special treatment :)
they told me that toward the end of the night women come out and begin flamenco dancing...
now, i love to dance, but flamenco?
we were served 15 different tapas and i was mesmerized by how much food these skinny people can eat.
finally, people did dance, but they were american so it was more entertaining to watch than anything.
eventually sam's friend isabella (well named, this woman is one of the most beautiful spanish women i have ever seen) came over and pulled me on to the dance floor.
soon sam and eventually the boys followed.
we danced well until 1am. 
it was fun, being there totally anonymous and able to just dance my little heart out.
of course people were watching from their tables and probably thought, just as i did,
'silly american thinks she can dance',
but dance i did.
finally we got home and despite being sweaty and exhausted we all stayed up to watch a movie.
on sunday we slept in, until noon, and were woken up by my friend justin's amazing piano playing.
i will only be here a few more days, and i'm trying to be as present as i can without missing it already. 
i love it here, and i love the people more than i ever thought i would...
and i'm pretty sure they love me too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm..yes they do!

11:12 AM  
Blogger CzechFest said...

Wow, I wish I were there on the dance floor, no pulling me on, I would be dancing on the tables! Love your updates and see God doing a new thing in you, so dance to the new song Juli!

7:55 PM  

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