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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


"i practice daily what i believe and all the rest is religious talk"
i've been involved in some pretty tough conversations lately about what true community looks like.
i'm not sure if we'll ever find an answer, but i'm convinced we're asking the right questions.
'what does proximity mean for community, and is it necessary?'
'what does it look like for someone to lead a group of people, and what should their role entail?'
'is it possible to encourage and challenge people to change their lives without making them feel guilty?'
and my favorite comes from my germans, 'why do we do what we do?'
so far i've come up with three possible conclusions:
1. we should be involved in the lives that we claim to be in community with
-this could mean simply calling or emailing throughout the week...better yet, coffee and dinner
2. we should live missionally wherever we, school, etc.
3. we should strive to be effective in the world at large, continually trying to make the world a better place.
i hate what these three things could mean for my life.
i hate that i may have to actually practice what i'm writing-
much to the dismay of my personal desires.
i hate that i get so angry that we live in a culture that finds these things to be so impractical.
i'm wondering if it's possible to hold all three of these in balance,
and if we're even on the right track.
i sure hope so.


ask yourself what it means to 'practice daily your belief',
what honesty, authenticity, and transparency look like,
what it means to not just be a spectator to this 'kingdom show'...
sitting, watching, having your heart stirred, your pulse racing,
palms sweating with anticipation and excitement
yet still remaining seated.
ask yourself what it means to truly commit,
to your family,
to your community,
to the decision that this is not a passing fad,
an emotional high,
but instead is a life change.
choosing to let go of selfishness,
of inconvenience,
of fear.
ask yourself what it means to truly be different,
to truly live in community,
to truly not just be a bystander,
but a believer that a new way is possible.
are you willing to rearrange your life?
are you ready to try so hard...
palms calloused, brow sweating, muscles aching
from the struggle of swimming against the norm,
against the status quo?
are you bold enough to believe that our talk is not in vain?
this is achievable.
new life is possible.
one decision at a time-
transformation will begin.


Blogger Johannes said...

Kudos for the questions asking. I'm reading the velvet elvis at the moment. And i love it because rob bell is actually the first christian author who is not only promoting to ask questions but is also really doing it a lot.

6:43 AM  
Blogger juli said...

that's actually one of my favorite books...i love the way he writes. reminds me of myself a little.

8:03 PM  

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