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Monday, June 18, 2007


'they committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles,
the life together,
the common meal,
and the prayers.'
-acts 2:42
let us be blessed
as we join our minds
as we read, learn, and view the past
remembering times of long ago.
let us be blessed
as we join our hands
as we learn the lines of each others faces
the troubles of one anothers hearts
living life together
and changing the world
side by side.
let us be blessed
as we break bread together
as we fill our stomachs and our hearts,
laughing, loving and learning with one another
sitting close enough to feel each others energy and pulse
close enough to hear the beating and the rhythm of our hearts
let us be blessed
as we bow our heads
as we choose to be silent,
if only briefly,
allowing ourselves to be vulnerable
and perhaps strangely warmed.
let us join
and hearts
as we travel down this road together.
let us laugh together
let us cry together
let us hope
and change
and dream
ever growing
ever trying
ever loving.
in sickness and in health
in good times and bad
if we choose it,
till death do we part-
and perhaps meeting in a place that we do not know yet.


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