girl growing

and a space for her to play in

Sunday, August 19, 2007


blessings as you seek to sit at the beautiful gate
broken feet, paralyzing you from walking in others shoes
broken hands, keeping you from lending a helping hand
broken eyes, shutting out the beauty of others and yourself
broken voices, lost and drowning in the masses
broken hearts, stunting love and growth.
blessings as you seek to walk humbly with the divine,
as you desire to love mercy,
and as you attempt to act in justice.
hoping to bind these three together-
each one stemming and in complement to the other.
blessings as you perform miracles everyday-
as you walk alongside those that cannot stand alone,
as you reach out hands and fingers to hold someone untouched,
as you look and perhaps finally see those passed over unnoticed,
as as you give a voice to those that do not have one,
speaking words of kindness , acknowledgement, and genuine care,
and as you begin to accept love and to give it in return,
you will no longer be cripple, if you would but simply raise your eyes
and be taken in as a beautiful creation.


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