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Monday, June 18, 2007


this sunday was interesting.
we discussed what the bible is,
what it was,
and what it should be for us.
it was another hard conversation that created more questions than answers.
gotta love those kinda days.
for me, it's always especially exhausting since i come from a school where i take classes in hermeneutics and systematic theology.
i wonder if all my money is getting me anything
and maybe all my lessons are coming from our questions.
what does it mean to be devoted to a teaching?
to read it repeatedly?
to strap or bind it to one's body?
or simply to remember as you walk through life...
step by step?

who gets to interpret such readings and teachings?
do you? do i? do we?
who do we give permission
to translate,
to decode,
to interpret?

how do we decide what is
and faith?
how do we know if we're close-
if we're on the right track?
how do we know where to act,
what to do,
and who to love?

so many questions
with responding echoing silence.
may you continue
to ask
to listen
to respond.
it is in community that we being to understand
what it means
to be devoted
and to walk in faith.

be blessed as you ask your questions.
perhaps that's all we can do right now...
is ask.
perhaps that's when we grow and mature.
perhaps that's when we actually become the church...
step by step.


Blogger Jim said...

Terrific blog - the questions left me pondering and wondering. Thanks for helping me in my journey today. (You do that regularly, you know!)

8:46 AM  

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