girl growing

and a space for her to play in

Sunday, July 29, 2007


perhaps the hebrews stood, face turned toward the clouds...
dusty, sore, and broken from their travels,
tears running down their faces, and their lungs exhausted.
perhaps they were crying out
to be saved,
to be rescued,
to be delivered.
to feel themselves held and washed back into a place of wholeness-
no longer heartbroken and estranged.
and perhaps now we stand, hands outstreched,
desperately wanting to be redeemed-
like a child wanting out of punishment-
and to be held and loved once more...
having the chance to try again another day.
perhaps we do not stand alone.
you may not be the only one.
if God so loved the cosmos...
then perhaps the whole universe yearns for peace.
perhaps there is a new way to live,
a new heart to have,
a new way to think that can bring us out of the chaos surrounding us,
and into a wonderful shalom.
perhaps it is real,
and perhaps we can continue to find it everday.


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