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and a space for her to play in

Sunday, July 29, 2007

gaining 'eternal life'

blessings as you search for the narrow way
the road less travelled
the beauty and fullness of a life spent connected with the divine.
as you tread a path, constantly having to choose,
between the flowing seas of humanity,
some along a road that offers
and stability
and a plan.
a plan to get from here to there...
choosing the struggle.
feet worn and calloused,
hands torn and bleeding from pushing through the thickness.
your heart, soul, mind, and strength exhausted from the trip.
and yet, you choose to carry on...
serving, loving, with an unfailing energy and fulfillment-
because you have chosen wisely.
open your heart to love those that stumble along your path.
open your soul to the presence of peace.
open your mind to the questions, to an awareness, to the choices.
open your hands with an inexhaustible strength
that can help you build something much bigger than yourself...


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