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Sunday, August 19, 2007

acts 4:1

where are you in the status quo?
what authority do you claim?
and why are you clinging so tightly?
where are you afraid to confront injustice?
what makes it so hard to stand firm?
and where will you simply not keep quiet anymore?
blessings as you consider your experience
...the places where your loneliness ceased,
...where you actually felt love,
...where grace was shown,
or grace was freely given.
open your eyes and see
open your hands and feel
open your ears and hear
open your mouth and taste
wake up.
wipe the grogginess away.
feel yourself flooded with light-
your vision finally wide enough to actually see.
begin to sense the reality of something that was possibly
always there-always tangible-but felt for the first time.
listen for the voice of love,
and draw in a breath that fills your lungs so fully...
experience the sweetness of experience the sweetness, the delight, the extravagance of the divine.
draw in a breath that fills your lungs so fully.
if you would but seek,
and allow yourself to be found.


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