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Sunday, August 19, 2007


what type of trial would it take,
what type of pain would you need,
what type of stress and strain and struggle...
why must you feel your heart rate increase,
your pulse race,
your palms sweating...
the intensity of risk and desperation that drives us to a place
where there is no where to turn,
but to each other and perhaps to prayer.
a place where we finally rely on those around us,
finally feel ourselves drawn together,
and finally call on something that is bigger than you,
bigger than me,
bigger than us.
rethink your borders and your boundaries.
rethink the small happenings in your life-
so subtle and silent that perhaps they go unnoticed.
rethink your ability to create something-
to speak something into existence.
embrace intentionality.
embrace risk and trust.
embrace humility and boldness.
embrace the movement and revolution of your heart and soul.


Blogger lindarevoway said...

hurt,hurt, hurt and more hurt thats all God gives me. over and over. but you you know what. it still will not break me. you don't still don't understand "how loving God" is. i know in my heart he is there. it is just a knowing.

11:08 PM  

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