girl growing

and a space for her to play in

Thursday, March 30, 2006

and so it begins...

for a long time i've been wanting to do this whole blog thing but never really had the time. 
i've recently decided to take a hiatus from 
(for those of you that don't have one or don't know what that is, 
it can be terribly addicting).
 rather than spend time playing on that, i figured it might be better to do something worth while....
which apparently blogging is. 
i've decided that right now i need a lot of reflection in my life. 
i'm going through a lot of transitions and i'm needing to make some really important decisions. it's going to be difficult, but i'm up to the challenge. 
hopefully someone will post on here and give me some insight or advice. 
i'm sure i'll be on here again tonight...

sometimes it stinks being a token twenty-something!